Lost Rabbit | Madison, Mississippi

Lost Rabbit, a Duany Plater-Zyberk & Co. (DPZ) master planned community, is situated on the Ross Barnett Reservoir, approximately 12 miles northeast of downtown Jackson and just outside the town limits of Madison, Mississippi. The final master plan includes three neighborhoods, each of which follows a distinct planning tradition and includes a broad variety of building types, including mansions, houses, cottages, townhouses, and carriage houses, along with a community center and pool.

To ensure an architectural legacy that met the project’s high standards (not to mention investments already made), the developer turned to PlaceMakers to produce a detailed Pattern Book. The result was a comprehensive guide, suitable to both builders and buyers, detailing three regional styles — French Colonial, Mississippi Federal and Classical Raised Cottage. The results, from construction to sales, have been as beautiful as the homes themselves.