Implementation and Advocacy

Every performance evaluation ultimately gets down to this: We know what you intended and what you tried. But what did you actually do?

The entire PlaceMakers team is organized to achieve results that continue delivering long after a project wraps. We shape community engagement strategies to inform a vision and achieve an actionable consensus. We demonstrate planning and design solutions with illustrations that bring a vision and the strategies to realize it to life. And we customize regulatory frameworks to assure predictable outcomes in line with consensus-driven planning. But to bolster our commitment to results, we’ve gone beyond embedded implementation support. We’ve developed a coaching service focused specifically on strategies likely to increase the chances of long-term success.

We share the lessons of best practices from communities with comparable challenges and opportunities. We work one-on-one and in small group sessions with individuals and development teams responsible for the investment of time and resources on projects under the new plans and regulations. And we provide hands-on experience for those teams and individuals in demonstration projects during the planning process.

The coaching doesn’t end with the completion of the project either. Aware that PlaceMakers’ success is dependent upon the success of our clients, we stay in touch. We’re available for informal check-ins and to help local and regional officials and developers plug into our world-wide network of experienced practitioners.

It’s not enough to produce a great plan, a beautiful design, a state-of-the-art code that sit on a shelf. A vision without an implementation strategy -- and a commitment to see it through -- is nothing more than words on paper.

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