Green Infrastructure Toolkit

As local and regional governments grapple with the growing challenges posed by increasingly extreme weather events and declining water security, it's crucial to find effective solutions that tackle these issues head-on. The need for resilience has never been more critical, and embracing green infrastructure is a vital part of the solution.

Introducing the Green Infrastructure Toolkit, authored by Hazel Borys, Kaid Benfield, Scott Bernstein, Paul Crabtree, Bruce Donnelly, Scott Doyon, Susan Henderson, Steve Mouzon, Milt Rhodes, and Colleen Sklar.

Are you tired of dealing with flooding, urban heat islands, and deteriorating ecosystems in your city or town? The Green Infrastructure Toolkit is here to help! Discover the top 25 actions local governments can take to transform crusty, impermeable urban landscapes into vibrant, spongy ecosystems that cherish water and protect our environment. We have developed this toolkit based on best practices for integrating green infrastructure into local government planning and projects.

Our aim is to help communities become more resilient and sustainable by implementing these 25 key actions, ultimately benefiting local businesses and streamlining bureaucratic processes. The toolkit is available as a free, interactive document. Each of the 25 actions includes the necessary regulatory or policy tool for implementation, as well as methods, key points, and interventions required to see it through.